Brooklyn Decker partners wardrobe app with online dating service

Brooklyn Decker's wardrobe app, Finery, has partnered with to make getting dressed for dates easier for millennials.


Finery was launched in March 2017 by model and actress Brooklyn Decker and business partner Whitney Casey. The app collects data from online purchases and catalogues the user's wardrobe. It manages data on color, silhouette, and style preferences. It then makes styling suggestions based on existing wardrobe contents.

The founders received consumer feedback that users needed recommendations for what to wear for their dates.

Decker pointed out that most of their users "do 70 to 80 percent of their shopping online." To that end, she also noted that "probably anyone who's dating online is probably shopping online."

Her co-founder Casey has a branding and marketing background. She ran her own agency in Austin, TX where was a digital branding client. The connection to the global online dating platform was there, so Finery pursued it.

The Match partnership will allow users to share their date looks within the online community on both sites. Users will be able to receive anonymous feedback so they can feel more confident in their style choices.

To promote the new partnership, Finery and Match are running a contest where users can "rate the date look". Users are shown date outfits that they can vote on based on the city where the date will take place. The user submitting the highest rated look will receive a personalized styling session with Decker.

Currently Finery has over 10 thousand followers on Facebook and 21.5 thousand followers on Instagram.

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