Fitcode launches men's fit tool in partnership with Silver Jeans Co.

Seattle-based tech startup Fitcode has expanded its digital fit-tech platform to offer personalized denim fitting for the men's market. Previously Fitcode was only available for women's denim.

Now, both men’s and women’s denim consumers can shop personalized denim recommendations for their unique body types - Fitcode

Fitcode's men's tool is being rolled out in partnership with Silver Jeans Co. The denim brand was an existing partner with Fitcode for the women's service which helps consumers find the ideal denim fit for their body type while shopping on e-commerce channels.

Mike G. Girardin, Director of eCommerce at Silver Jeans Co. said, "We've seen a lift in our online women's sales using Fitcode, so adding men's denim to the tool is the natural next step."

To use the platform, customers take a short fit quiz. They can then shop personalized style-based recommendations across categories. According to a release from the company, customers using Fitcode are three times more likely to purchase. 

Fitcode has over 200,000 users. Its goal is to help its retail partners amass data that will help in future product development. Existing Fitcode partners for the women's platform include Joe's Jeans, AG, Hudson Jeans, and Jag Jeans. Silver Jeans Co. is the first to roll out the men's tool.

Rian Buckley, Fitcode co-founder and CEO said men's was always the next category the company intended to expand into. "It represents a sizable market opportunity and fit is the top purchase driver for male[...] denim shoppers."

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