New Toronto company wants to curate your wardrobe

A new Toronto company wants to curate wardrobes for women who are low on time and high on social consciousness, and have launched a crowdfunding campaign to help bring their vision to life.
Baptized UnCo, the Toronto-based company founded by Kim Kirton and Jaclyn Patterson launched earlier this year with a mission to create maximum utility wardrobes with minimal environmental impact.

UnCo provides minimal piece wardrobes with maximum-utility and low environmental impact. - UnCo
Working with over nine responsibly made fashion brands across Canada such as Yoga Jeans, Odeyalo and Hutchinson’s, UnCo focuses on providing capsule wardrobes where 6-12 pieces can be made into 20-30 outfits in order to help reduce waste, and to help women save time coordinating outfits.
“Our closed-loop system aims to not only reduce textile waste in landfills but will also empower women change-makers to spend less time getting dressed, and spend more time pursuing their passions and supporting other women to do the same. This new way of consuming and purchasing clothes will hopefully help women save time and money, but more importantly, it will help save our planet,” the company explained in a news statement.
Customers can shop UnCo’s selection of responsibly made independent brands at and then create a 6, 8 or 12-piece capsule wardrobe. Then, UnCo, through their online system, will mix and match the chosen wardrobe essentials and present possible outfit combinations based on the selected garments. Customers can also fill out an online quiz so UnCo can better understand their needs and lifestyle.
“UnCo. has created an impactful company that values community, and overall aims to change the way we consume. Our whole premise is that if we show you how to do more with less, you’ll in turn buy less.”
The company is looking to raise $30,000 through their Indiegogo campaign, which will go towards web development, inventory and wholesale, and shipping and logistics. On Tuesday, the company was close to reaching half of its objective with 22 days left. 

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