Sales via mobile devices dominate Mango’s online revenue

Mango’s mobile sales have outperformed its desktop traffic during the Christmas period, announced the Spanish womenswear retailer this week.

The Catalonia-based company ended 2016 with a 25.6% increase in online sales - Photo: Mango

The clothing company said smartphones and tables accounted for 52% of its online sales in 2017, increasing from their 44% share in 2016.

Additionally, smartphones and tablets now account for seven out of ten visits to Mango’s digital media sites. “People have stopped being afraid of buying online from mobile devices, and this is a trend that will continue to grow in the next years,” said Mango ecommerce director Elena Carasso.

During 2017, Mango’s online store recorded a total of 397 million visits – 54 million more than last year and representing a 15.7% increase. The number of unique visitors rose by 12.5% year on-year to 150 million.

The Catalonia-based company ended 2016 with a 25.6% increase in online sales, which accounted for 13% of its total revenue.

Mango has an online presence in over 80 countries and is planning to open a number of new online markets this year. Currently, the brand offers next day delivery service in all key European cities, and across all provinces of Spain.

Looking beyond its mobile/desktop growth, Mango is targeting its e-commerce channel to account for 20% of its total revenue by 2020.

Translated by Barbara Santamaria

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