Inauguration of Palais Galliera Spring Summer Collection 2014 in Paris

All the beautiful people of the fashion world squeezed themselves into Paris last night for the inauguration of the first Alaïa exhibition, at the Palais Galliera which also celebrates its reopening after three years of refurbishment! From Naomi Campbell to Christian Lacroix, both friends and fans were present…

Olivier Saillard : After three years of work, we were happy to put the Musée Galliera back into its original skin, intact and identical to that of the 19th century. I hope that we have done that, creating a platform for fashion on which all designers can stand and feel happy.

Farida Khelfa: Azzedine Alaia is the king, the king of fashion, the king of couture, the king of style, of lines, of elegance, of materials, of so many things that I can’t say them all, and yet when you see the exhibition, you see that he knows how to work everything, he works leather, loose fittings, wool, Mongolian wool, rivets, mesh; he really is a master of couture and of course this is the biggest fashion event in Paris today.

Naomi Campbell: His exhibition is emotional, I am very proud of my dad and I think he deserves as many accolades as you can give him. He is the most unique designer in the world and what he has done this last century for women and their bodies, no one else has done that for the shape of women. I love him very much and I am grateful to him for being my papa.

Christian Lacroix : I can’t believe that I wanted to be a caretaker of the Musée Galliera when I was younger and that the museum was closed. It’s a great, historical day, for Olivier and for Azzedine, its first exhibition in France.

Olivier Saillard: Of course I was very happy for it to take place here, it was my pleasure to accept the offer of the exhibition but I think there comes a certain point to remind everyone that this is why we love fashion, because there are paths like this for creation, for autonomy, for sovereign creation that we love in fashion.

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