Spring/Summer 2015 Trend: All Denim

Denim dungarees, shirts, and denim jackets, and even denim dresses...the most celebrated cotton fabric in history is found everywhere and has never been so present. Quite simply, it’s hard to find a show which didn’t offer a head to toe denim look. The designers make it the fabric of their brand like at Dsquared2 who always enjoy reinterpreting the denim.Denim in its original version, in the colour blue, always comes out on top. But even so, it has the whole trend to evolve in. From now on, it is reworked in a new way, even the jeans become more natural, even organic.By surfing on the comfort trend, with a touch of hippy chic, each of the labels don’t stop offering their own version, like mixing it with other newer materials. The designers continue to play with the effects of textures and patchwork. All whilst liking to keep the raw, vintage and basic denim aspects.Interviews: Dean & Dan Caten: We didn’t forget our DNA which would be denim, there’s a big...her boyfriend’s denim, she’s still in her boyfriend’s denim, her boyfriend’s eyewear and her boyfriend’s underwear. Stella McCartney: We had denim on the runway in a more traditional sense, but it was organic, and it was embroidered and it was very sort of lifted for the runway.Felipe Oliveira Baptista: Things that are very natural almost washed out by the sun, like for the denims, the chambrays, to give also this softness and this sensuality.Christopher Bailey: I wanted this again, this contradiction between something like a very authentic, rugged fabric, like denim, and then play with it with very fragile fabrics, like tulles and silk.Yiqing Yin: For the first time in this house denim is printed, and it’s also reflective, embroidered with lace, and this play between extreme rawness and extreme nobleness and delicacy. Music free of rights: Bandit & Nikit

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