Thom Browne- MENSWEAR collection Spring/Summer 2017 in Paris (with interview)

Designer: Thom Browne Inspiration: The summer, the beach, sharks, birds. Summery colours Silhouette: The urban chic on holiday, the suit in a Bermuda and shorts version, the jacket in different materials, the clothes worked in a technical and couture mix for one piece with a zip at the backFocus on: The monochrome, rubberised shoes+ The body swim suits in cashmere + The French and Indian embroideries Note: 34 models of surfboards to buyInterview with Thom Browne:I wanted it to be a happy collection and I think the reference is very young and happy and youthful so I wanted the people to see it very light and happy The colours referenced those amazing LIFE magazine photo spreads from the 1960s and I wanted it to feel like summer and with the colour As with every collection I think the combination of all the fabrics is great with the technical fabrics and classic fabrics. Then the real concept is about one piece, every look was connected by the zipper on the back, really referencing the wetsuit but the combination of all the fabrics together and treated almost as a utilitarian piece of clothing was interesting.You couldn’t have a surf board show without surf boards though and you know all the different 34 floral fabrics.Music of the show, do not reuse for more than 7 days after the show

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