Pigalle : Men's show Autumn/Winter 2018/19 (with interview)

Designer : Stéphane Ashpool Inspiration: At the Conservatoire of Paris, Stéphance Ashpool invites us to the show of his life, including his childhood memories with dancers and a pianist. The show is split into three themes: black & grey, the favourite colours his mother, glitter and originality for the artistic encounters, and graphic colours for friends represented through Lego bricks…Collection: The designer plays with the boundaries of sportswear, daring to pair the base of a tracksuit with a glittering jacket. A seemingly plastic pea coat, which is this time a varnish, is coordinated perfectly with red darted trousers, as well as tailored trousers in pyjama-like silk. The short jackets appear in coloured fur, unless you choose the one with graphic inserts. To note: The energy and emotion radiated at every Pigalle show with ‘Bad’ by Michael Jackson played on piano and the finale song: ‘Ça c’est Paris’. Interview with Stéphane Ashpool: What I really like is when I create emotion, emotions that are fun or playful and then I like the scene and I’d really like to continue, to push, to have more time to put emotion in the limelight. The three parts, it’s the things that marked me, early on, that I tried to put into the movement or in the clothes. The black and red that was definitively the clothes that my mother had, this square cut. I didn’t normally see women with square cuts like that, so that impressed on me a lot, that was my mother, funny, she always dressed in black and red so that was it for theme one and theme two was an explosion of these people around her, the whole gay community who came from anyway and everywhere, and I watched them with dazzled eyes, they danced and didn’t have any cares in their clothes or their attitude.The third was more playful, linked to friends, lego, a bit to my childhood friends, so it was really the three themes that marked me. The Conservatoire, it’s slightly linked to my childhood, that I saw as being really linked to dance because my mother and father were in the middle of it all, so I grew up with it and all of these points made me what I am now, and so it’s a bit of an homage to all of that, to my mum and everything. Music from the show (for use only in context of the show, under cover of the right to information).

Copyright : Paris Modes Productions