Exclusive Interview with Carlo Capasa, President of the Italian Chamber of Fashion.

The President of the Italian Chamber of Fashion, Carlo Capasa, discusses with us his vision for Italian fashion and the role of Fashion Week.Interview:We’re trying to promote literally the narration, so we started with this exhibition talking about 30 years of pret-a-porter, Milan and Italy have been strong, they’re still very strong on pret a porter, they build all the industry, all the concepts of clothing related to the industry, the concept of creativity related to the industry, this blend between artisan and industry, it’s very unique in Italy. Today fashion week is a moment where you have to represent your best idea, your thought, your beliefs, where you have to communicate so it’s a moment of communication, and communication must be authentic and so it doesn’t mean that you have to always follow the same rules. Maybe you’re not right for a fashion show, don’t do a fashion show, sometimes a presentation is better than a fashion show. Sometimes it’s better at parties. Whatever, but I think this is the moment to find this authenticity, to work for that and to remember that this is a moment of communication, not just a fashion show, a fashion show is a part of that. Milan is an open hub, to young people, to any designer from anywhere in the world. What we offer is quite a small city, full of energy and all the shows in Milan from Gucci to Prada, they’ve been so great up to today but also the new generation, the young, today it was Marco de Vincenzo, and others, N°21, they’re all going very well so we’re happy for the brands, we’re happy for the week, we are happy for the celebration, we are happy.Music royalty free: Bandit & Nikit

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