This summer, we'll be seeing life in colour!

We’ll be seeing life in colour this summer!Coloured lensed glasses are a summer must have! Especially with pastel shades to keep up with one of summer's leading trends. The retro look comes out on top as well as an XXL volume to cover the face.The height of chic, wide framed glasses to match the outfit. Round glasses are also making a comeback!Imagination is also a requirement, with butterfly shaped glasses which spread out over the face… all sizes are possible, from the smallest to the most imposing. A sporty look, for lighter glasses with lenses framed only at the top. They can even boost an outfit to make it more sophisticated. Sunglasses aren’t only functional, they’re a true fashion accessory which add style to your summer wardrobe.Imagination can go a long way, as proven by brands like Dolce & Gabbana and Gucci: different shapes, glitter, glasses with messages, all eccentricities allowed, only you have to totally assume them.Music royalty free / Bandit & Nikit / 2018

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