The merino wool label Organica deals with environmental responsibility and product tracability

The world of fashion is a reflection of the changing society and the new luxury of today is based on new ethical values. This is the case with the group "Luxury Materials", leader in the production of Merino wool, who has put in place a totally innovative label in terms of tracability of product. With interview of Deborah Berger, Deputy Director in charge of the development of "Luxury Materials" :Organica is an eco-responsible merino wool label which guarantees respect to animals, workers along the supply chain and the environment with the production of a traceable merino fibre of a very fine quality. The principal mission, has been to guarantee clean sourcing of merino wool and to give upfront control back to brands on their sourcing and the sourcing of their primary materials. We realise that many brands buy, which is absolutely normal, from finished or semi-finished products which don’t have visibility on where their fibres come from or where their initial material comes from and us, we give back power to the farmers to give back a certain amount of engagements/commitments concerning the environment and the animals, we’ve created a label which is totally transparent, totally traceable with a ‘block chain’ system of traceability which in addition, allows us to have total transparency on the chain. We’ve got the farm, or the zone of farms where the sheep come from, next, the combing unit which is our activity. Our principle activity at ‘charger’ as we comb the merino wool, next the spinning as once the wool has been combed, it’s going to transform into threads at the spinner and then the knitter, the weaver, the manufacturer right up until the final consumer who will have the power, thanks to our system, to snap up their garment directly and have all the information on where the material comes from and who helped to make their clothing. Merino wool is a softer wool, it’s the easiest to wear directly on the body, a fine layer which is really nice? And above all, enormously it has all the properties that are unrivalled today by many synthetic fibres. There’ll also be a regain of interest, partly from consumers for sustainable products. Typically merino wool is a beautiful quality wool product, it’s a product which can last a lifetime. We all have an image of our grandparents who had products that they kept all their lives, notably wool products and a beautiful wool product, there’s no reason that it shouldn’t last for years and so we hope that there will also be a regain in interest for sustainable products.

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