Aeropostale apparel retailer announces 8% sales increase


The teens retailer announced on Thursday that same store sales increased 8% this month, an increase 4% less than the year before experienced.

This is while over the course of this year, total net sales have increased 13% to $792.1 million

The company's total net sales for the five-week period ended July 3 increased by 14%.

Sales of its high-quality, active-oriented, fashionable yet value products predominantly take place in the US; 900 Aeropostale stores in 49 states.

Aeropostale, Inc indicated that its results for the month are positive due to the Memorial Day calendar shift.

Merchandise margins for the month have continued to increase over last year and latest statement released confirms that both the level and composition of its inventories are well positioned for the upcoming back to school selling season.

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