Indochino hires former Kit and Ace tech exec

Vancouver-based menswear label Indochino has hired Clay Haeber, former head of IT at Kit and Ace, as Vice President of Technology in an effort to boost its eComm presence.

Customer experience is at the forefront of Indochino’s company values. Drew Green, Indochino’s new CEO said, “not only does he bring a wealth of experience as a technology leader and business operator; he shares a passion for people, a commitment to innovation, and a desire to build outstanding one to one customer experiences.”

Indochino is the leading made-to-measure menswear brand, offering shirts and suits online, via mobile platform, and in showrooms in Toronto, Vancouver, New York, San Francisco, Philadelphia, Beverly Hills and Boston.

Indochino plans to expand as an omni-channel retailer, making Haeber’s previous experience particularly relevant. Haeber will bring a new energy to the company, saying: “Indochino has always been ahead of the curve whether it be in terms of fashion or how they have built a true omni-channel business. I honestly believe that men are ready to start dressing better and I can’t wait to help them suit up.”

Indochino has declared its goal to make 1 million made-to-measure suits by 2020.

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