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Alexander McQueen - Women's Fall/Winter 2014/15 Collection in Paris

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For the final show of the day, the alexander mcqueen house welcomes us into a riding arena of the republican guard, with a runway covered in earth and steaming moss. and from the very first outfits, we are transport into an entirely cinematographic universe, with huge, voluminous coats or a trapeze-style dress and gigot sleeves devised in fur, feathers, lace, in black and then white. the atmosphere is heavy, the models’ complexions pale, their hair braided in cornrows hanging down each side of their face, wearing chunky combat boots, treading through the craggy terrain. for some, eyebrows are enhanced with black feathers, crystallizing this dramatic atmosphere. after black followed by white, followed by black and white, printed purple takes precedence. long, mossy gowns emerge from the undergrowth. for the finale, rhinestone embroidery concludes this collection in style. a show that is always peppered in poetry, this season adding a hint of drama which captivates us but always remains true to its illustrious founder. the voice of björk on the soundtrack accentuates this feeling of living through a suspended fashion moment. sarah burton deserves her place at alexander mcqueen.music from the fashion show