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Report in the heart of the Dominican Republic's fashion week

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The dominican republic also has its own fashion week. proud of its local designers and its young population, strongly influenced by fashion, this country has been creating in the heart of santo domingo, in the past 10 years, a true platform to hold meetings and shows for four days.camila is indeed a good example of local and familiar success, hiring 300 employees and producing, in santiago, in her own factory with music always playing in the background, no less than 60,000 products a week exported to several countries.interviews from mirka morales and diana suriel nunez:mirka morales:this year we celebrate our 10 year anniversary, so we are very happy because it was very hard for us at the beginning because we started alone. so now we have a big family which helps us make dominicana moda, we’ve made really a solid and strong platform to project our designs internationally. diana suriel nunez:people love fashion and you can see it in the way that they wear the clothes, and how important it is for them. obviously it is not high fashion but we have the sense of making ourselves beautiful through clothing.this time specifically, we need to make the most out of these fashion shows celebrating a 10 year anniversary, it’s a real business now. there’s so much talent here, some of the designers have been established for years and the others want to start up in fashion. through camilla we are able to see how important fashion is in the dominican republic, especially through this brand, because they started so little, so small and now they produce these clothes for a lot of countries in central america, they export them, so it’s an important business, it’s an important brand. music free of right / bandit & nikit - 2015