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Jean Paul Gaultier, the Dominican fashion week’s guest of honour, alongside Miss France

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To celebrate its 10 year anniversary, the dominican fashion week set its sights high by inviting jean-paul gaultier to close the event with the presentation of his latest haute couture collection. inspired by britain, the couturier made some slight changes, celebrating in his way, the local beauty. on the stage, exotic bigoudens worn by local models and the presence of miss france who made for a much-admired finale. an equally charitable event, as all the show’s seats were sold to support an association that helps sick children.interviews from jean-paul gaultier and camille cerf:jean-paul gaultier: a new version with all models who are from here, very beautiful girls, so the casting was very easy to do. coloured girls, lots of mulattos, black girls, and so the new britons, the becassines are today mixed with caribbean, it was very caribbean.i was inspired by things that i have already done before, i.e plaits, braided hair, just like the caribbean hairstyles, which come from african hairstyles actually, and then with waves like that, which are a bit like kiss curls, thinking of josephine baker’s style. then i also mixed some clothes according to the girl. with omahyra, a girl from here, and i used to work with her a very long time ago, it was in the year 2000, who is still here and lives there now, who is wonderful, she’s a painter, and does beautiful paintings. she is still very pretty and therefore she will open the show. on the other hand a french girl, miss france, our miss france, will close the show. so that's it, it’s the caribbean, the dominican republic and france combined.it shows off colours, another spirit which is interesting, another way of moving and being, another life style. camille cerf:for me, jean paul gaultier means extravagance, simplicity but twisted, as thinking for example about the striped shirt that always existed for sailors. he really sets it as a trend, making it a fashion accessory and a true outfit. when i started modelling at fifteen, i did paris fashion week and my dream was to be in a jean paul gaultier show, i had never had the opportunity, but today and thanks to miss france my dream came true.music free of right / bandit & nikit 2015