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Hyères Festival: A legup for designers? A meetup with the former winners!

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The hyères festival seems to be a true legup for the chosen lucky ones!annelie schubert (the 2015 winner, whose second fashion show was presented and was much applauded at this new 2016 edition, was released in partnership with the chanel métiers d’art) passing by anthony vaccarello (recently appointed at saint laurent) and julien dossena ( jury president in 2016 and artistic director of paco rabanne ), they are the best proof.mercedes benz also associates itself with the festival by presenting for the second time the formers, inviting the previous winners to come and exhibit their latest collections and to face up to professionals and the international press. interviews from jean-pierre blanc, anthony vaccarello, kenta matsushige, jean-paul lespagnardjean-pierre blanc:i think we have helped them at a poignant moment of their career, it’s our job to do that, we have got to do it and do it in a confident way and that gives them something special and like myself, julien and antony say at least the goal of the festival is precise, clear and established and that makes me happy. anthony vaccarello:one month after i won this prize, fendi called me up to work with them thanks to an article that appeared in a magazine so i said to myself that has got to help with everything and that has definitely contributed to what i do now. kenta matsushige:i didn’t know anything about business or anything but now i also have to learn about the business side of creation so it was difficult for me but now it is a challenge for me. jean-paul lespagnard:the festival in 2008 was a true trigger for my career, it was then that i met marie luisa who presented my collections in her shop windows, so then i met japanese producers, which meant i then met an italian producer. after that, i met an investor so therefore i then presented my first collection in 2012 at paris fashion week. so the festival really was the leg up i needed to generate everything i do now. music free of right : bandit & nikit