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Summer 2016: The man feminizes in print

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Summer means travel and escape, enabling a downpour of flowery and exotic prints to take their place in force on the suits. in a graphic and romantic spirit at hermès. a softness equally marked by freshness through a blossoming of botanical prints. the man transgresses the genres and dares to show a certain femininity, initiated a few seasons ago by alessandro michele, the new fashion guru at gucci. every item from the men’s wardrobe dips into this trend in a rather colorful way, tone on tone or even is embroidered. the prints evoke distant lands.the large flowers, palms, orchids also send us away to an exotic world. shirts and teddies are the key pieces for summer. the palm print is a safe bet, evoking the californian coast in a luxurious and rebellious way.the garment becomes a real postcard, a holiday memoire.nature takes over the garment and dazzles us at the same time.the animal wardrobe with its exotic birds, its invasion of big cats, every one more imposing than the other, is displayed, evoking asia, with sensual silk effects, guaranteeing a chic look.a luxurious wardrobe filled with couture embellishments, for a generation that plays with the codes and plays with fashion!interviews from véronique nichanian & kean etrovéronique nichanian:i really wanted a mix of energy and poesy so there were stripes and flowers meeting with graphic lines but at the same time it was a poetic softness. kean etro:there is a little bit of my digeridoo so it is the aboriginal technique of australia, australia is also the dream country so it is paisley but treated in an aboriginal but modern way. music free of rights : bandit & nikit