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Best of Milan Menswear Spring Summer 2017 : Fun & sun !!!

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Despite some designers withdrawing from the schedule, certain brands from the milanese menswear collections were able to reaffirm their supremacy through shows presented with festive performances, decors and atmospheres: just like philipp plein and his basketball court with the rapper busta rhyme raising the room temperature and vips on the front row. dolce & gabbana and its orchestral jazz club had tap dancers, golden showers of confetti and champagne freely flowing. for other houses it was time to get the changes operating by having the men and the women catwalk at the same time. for economical reasons of having more time to design and for more consistency, the changes came into action. the lines between menswear and womenswear are becoming more and more blurred. the man is feminized and the masculine wardrobe also stamps the women! gucci chose to present its menswear collection for the last time in milan. from september onwards alessandro michele (the artistic director of gucci) will present both lines together. on the stage, we notice a travelling, nature trend with neo adventurers and explorers dressed in ultra light and technical materials with multiple proposals of parkas, anoraks in parachute fabric, but also functional pieces with pockets, zips, trainers that slip on, reversible clothes. the colour and the prints are also strong elements of these collections with a mix and match of abstract patterns and vibrant tones. note the shorts treated in a sportswear way or in a sartorial version with a suit jacket. the man dares more with embroidered, romantic pieces, flowery suits, exotic patterns, chinese dragons and donald duck, which comically decorate the clothing. the adventurer comes back in force, the little sleeveless jumper to heat up the rather fresh summer. the man also plays with accessories, oriental slippers, sandals, pool shoes and handbags. in short, a summery season that desires to be light and care free. a menswear fashion that adds a touch of youth with looks for teenagers and outfits that do not go unnoticed. to sum it up we have a sporty man who loves camping, walking, travelling and the countryside. fun and sun pour a perfect summer!interviews from philipp plein, antonio marras, silvia venturini fendi & andreas kronthalerphilipp plein:we created a real stadium here in the centre of milan, a basketball stadium and you will get the real stadium experience, we have pop corn, we have cola, we have the mascots, we have the cheerleaders and we have busta rhymes because i am a big fan. antonio marras:i think creativity is the meaning of our work and that is why we need time, not too much, but the time to stop and think for a second.silvia venturini fendi:again women wear the same dresses as a men there is no difference.andreas kronthaler:most of the pieces are doubles; they’re reversible so there are lots of things to see and lots of secrets and surprises. music free of rights : bandit & nikit