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Cruise fashion shows: a new way of expression? (with interviews)

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Launched in the 20’s, the "cruise" fashion shows, are today events that allow brands to communicate in a different way and to propose a really global experience. these mid-season collections are presented in all four corners of the world, and they are these days a buzz topic and a source of one- upmanship. for the big houses like dior, chanel, louis vuitton, gucci, these shows reconcile spectacle, fashion and creativity. the locations are becoming more and more extraordinary, atypical and with an abundance of ways to bring a unique experience alive for the client and for the press, outside of the marathon of fashion weeks. the month of may 2016 transported its caravan of invitees to unexpected places, with notably cuba for chanel. a first for this caribbean island, in welcoming a fashion show of a luxury parisian fashion house. brazil and the contemporary museum of oscar niemeyer,for louis vuitton. westminster abbey for gucci or blenheim palace for dior in england…the "cruise" collections appear to be equally a breath of creativity for the designers, with more freedom, the clothes are often inspired by the places that are serving the purpose of decoration.. and a wardrobe that remains for a longer time in the boutiques, available from november until may. interview with sindey toledano: the cruise spirit started without a doubt in the united states where the clients would go off on a cruise at christmas time, and so during the month of november, they wanted to buy new pieces. but in the end it went much further than that, it was about the handover during the winter, it was about having something new in the boutique, from mid to end of october. we spend time in the places, so that gives another sort of atmosphere because the people are more relaxed, the clients come there, and they practically spend the day with us. even for the press, it’s about taking a bit of time to relax and about seeing not only the collections, but also what the brand has to say.interview with tilda swinton:it’s like the best school trip you could imagine, it’s like a family holiday that, you know, you wait for the invitation, you get it and you go where are we going this time?interveiw with catherine deneuve: it’s an incredible place to present such an incredible collection, it was like science fiction. girls from tomorrow in a flying saucer. music royalty free / bandit & nikit - 2016