Alexander McQueen- Women's ready to wear show Spring/Summer 2018 in Paris

Creative Director : Sarah BurtonAtmosphere: An English garden, the flowers are in bloom, the colours are a rare beauty. To get as close as possible to this nature, Sarah Burton and her studio stretched their imaginations to find delicate materials and incredible colours.Collection: romantic while also punk. The pink, muslin silk dresses are worn with flat boots. A skirt with transparent elements coordinates to a bra, all studded.The same for pink leather ensembles with oversized collars on the bustiers. Trouser suits are carried out with rounded sleeves, sometimes of two materials. A mix of texture can be found on the oversized trenches as seen at the start of the show. The dresses have frills and layers of fabrics come close to resembling flowers, or roses that are printed on ballerina dresses. To note: the studded boots + the beauty: a wet hair look that falls on the girls’ faces.

Copyright : Paris Modes Productions