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Watch out for the new brand, One Culture!

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Under the name « one culture » hides a fashion brand for men founded by anthony alvarez, a young designer with multiple origins who completely represents his generation through the idea of travelling mixed with diversity and curiosity. a different location is presented through each collection. for winter 2019, he was inspired by detroit. we met him in paris during his latest presentation.interview with anthony alvarez:i created one culture to promote cultural diversity. i am half-french and half-filipino, i grew up in-between new york and paris and so through this brand, i wanted to represent all my childhood influences from my friends, my relationships and my family.we were inspired by detroit in the usa where automotive elements stood out in the city as well as musical elements through the music label motown that was created in detroit by berry gordy. you can see these influences are embroidered on certain pieces. for me high quality material is very important, so we produce everything in portugal using material coming from italy, france and japan. we use viscose, leather and denim that has been well worked. so there is an aspect of high quality.for this reason i want to mix the two different worlds of high fashion and streetwear but through the one culture brand.